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The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly altered almost every aspect of our lives, and its impact on the media landscape is no exception. From traditional mediums to digital platforms, there has been a seismic shift in the way content is consumed and how messages are conveyed. At JWE Media, we have closely observed these changes, and today we want to share our insights on how businesses can navigate media in a post-COVID world.

Shift to Digital

The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation that was already in progress. With people worldwide confined to their homes, there has been an exponential increase in digital media consumption. Consequently, businesses need to reassess their media mix and consider allocating more resources to digital channels.

However, this doesn’t mean completely abandoning traditional media. Radio and television still hold significant sway, particularly among certain demographics. The key lies in finding a balance that effectively reaches your target audience.

Importance of Agility

In a post-COVID world, change is the only constant. Businesses need to embrace agility in their media strategies. This includes being open to pivoting campaigns, exploring new platforms, and continuously testing and optimising to see what works best. At JWE Media, we employ advanced analytics and real-time reporting to ensure our clients can make quick, data-driven decisions.

Empathy is essential.

The pandemic has underscored the importance of empathy in communication. Now more than ever, consumers are drawn to brands that demonstrate understanding and genuine concern for their audience. Businesses need to ensure their messaging reflects this empathy and adds real value to their consumers’ lives.

Local Media Opportunities

With more people working from home, there’s been a resurgence in local media. Businesses have the opportunity to tap into local radio, community newspapers, and geo-targeted digital campaigns to reach their audience in a more personalised and relatable way.

Sustainability Matters

Sustainability has emerged as a significant factor in media planning and buying. Consumers are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact and expect the same from the brands they patronise. Sustainable advertising choices, such as programmatic advertising, not only reduce waste but also resonate with today’s environmentally conscious consumers.


Navigating the media landscape in a post-COVID world can be challenging, but it also presents opportunities for businesses to connect with their audience in new and meaningful ways. At JWE Media, we are committed to helping our clients leverage these opportunities and thrive in this new landscape.