Our Approach

We deliver campaigns for businesses of all sizes across all industries, globally!

Our approach is broken up into 5 key areas

Building a long-lasting relationship with our clients

We believe the key to a long-lasting relationship is by winning your trust and delivering results. Our team is approachable, easily contactable and experienced in all areas of paid media.

Understanding the brand and delving deeper into what is important

To enable us to understand your brand better we like to gather as much intel and research as possible. To get ahead and lead with data we also have access to all partners such as, Nielsen, RAJAR, BARB, PAMCO, ROUTE + many more.

Drawing up a strategy that works, delivers on your KPI’s and reaches your core audience effectively

We like to understand what we need to achieve and then work backwards. Using the data partners above we can quickly identify where we need to attribute budget and what type of results that will deliver.

Plan in your spend, on time, within budget, free of charge

Yes, that’s right, FREE! We don’t charge any fees, or retainers, all the budget goes into hard working media spend. We plan everything in on your behalf and manage the campaign to make sure everything runs smooth.

Evaluating your campaign, what worked well and how we can improve

Knowing what went well and what we can improve is very important, but where do you start? We have a data analysis team that evaluate all our campaigns, provide reporting and deliver all of the wrap up you need to ensure that we can keep driving the right activity to achieve the campaign objectives.

Get in touch with one of our experts

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    Every client is different, so let's get to know each other

    Marketing Director's Notes

    JWE Media has been a great asset this year given we are a small team, but with big ambitions. Being able to outsource our strategy and buying process has meant that we can focus on looking after our customers whilst JWE was busy bringing in new. Overall we are delighted with the service and look forward to another successful 12 months.

    We are immensely proud of this campaign that JWE Media managed to put together and execute. They act as an extension of our business and we look forward to our next campaign during the festive period.