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The JWE Media Team

At JWE Media, our team is the cornerstone of our business, comprising dedicated professionals who excel in media buying, planning and customer service. Our collective expertise ensures that we provide strategic and efficient solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. We pride ourselves on our ability to combine industry knowledge with a client-focused approach, ensuring a high-quality service that delivers tangible results from start to finish.


Managing Director / Head of Strategy

James Ellis


Head of Travel, Online Retail & Finance

Max Bradford

Head of Travel & Finance
Account Manager - Health Sector

Jessie Smith

Account Manager - Charities and Tech

Euan Postlethwaite

Account Manager - Fashion, Beauty and Retail

Emily Bearn

Account Manager - Gambling and Property

Alfie Collison

Account Manager - Food and Drink

Alex McCarthy


Advertising Operation Manager

Anthony Madigan


Accounts manager

Bev Sharman

Accounts Assistant

Connor Jones


Production Manager

Matthew Jones

Production assistant

Anthony Madigan

Production Assistant

Connor Jones


Branch Manager


Chief of Morale

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    Marketing Director's Notes

    JWE Media has been a great asset this year given we are a small team, but with big ambitions. Being able to outsource our strategy and buying process has meant that we can focus on looking after our customers whilst JWE was busy bringing in new. Overall we are delighted with the service and look forward to another successful 12 months.

    We are immensely proud of this campaign that JWE Media managed to put together and execute. They act as an extension of our business and we look forward to our next campaign during the festive period.