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Many marketing professionals will remember that earlier in their career they will have been offered TV Advertising and almost fallen off their chair when they heard the cost.

You also may be looking at your marketing strategy trying to find new ways to target your customers and automatically ruling out TV, however, is it still that expensive?

The short answer is no, TV advertising can now be ultra-targeted. With Sky’s AdSmart you can target homes based on postcode, town, region and even their household income. Sky will then deliver your advert to those homes Sky boxes and whichever channel they watch they will see your advert.

The other exciting way to target your customers is through Video-on-Demand. ITV themselves boast around 33 million subscribers to ITV Hub so you can be as granular as you want to target those watching popular shows like Love Island.

TV Consumption has shot up exponentially throughout lockdown with us now watching TV for around 4 hours a day.

We can show some great case studies of how well this advertising channel performs so why not get in touch to discuss how we could get you on the TV, with options as low as £5k for a month long campaign it would be silly not to explore it!

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