TV And VOD Advertising

TV advertising remains one of the most powerful advertising methods when building brand awareness and reputation in a short amount of time. Whether it’s a national or local campaign, it’s an effective way to reach a mass audience and remains the most trusted advertising medium.

TV Advertising

The average individual watches 4hr and 42 minutes of video per day and 68% of that remains with broadcaster TV (includes live TV, playback & broadcaster VOD). 83% of video viewing is on live TV with a further 10% split between playback and BVOD. The rest is online with YouTube being the biggest service.

The main players for commercial TV are:

  • ITV
  • Sky
  • All4

The most common format ad length for TV tends to be 30 seconds.

There are a few ways you can advertise on linear TV: airtime, programme sponsorship/partnerships & product Airtime can be bought by TV regions and audiences. For linear audiences we work to traditional audiences such as gender, age, socio demographics, ABC1 adults and housepersons with children.

TV pricing is dictated by supply and demand so can fluctuate at different times of the year. If demand increases, the price increases. If supply increases, the price comes down. TV remains a very cost-effective media.

In 2019 the average cost for a TV advert to reach one adult in the UK was just 6 pence (BARB 2018).

As with all mainstream broadcast media platforms, your ad needs to be cleared by Clearcast before it can be aired. There are 3 stages: script approval; rough cut and final version. Once this has been approved it can
then be aired on any channel.

  • Number of impacts one impact equals one person listening to one spot
  • Time slots Breakfast, Peak, Mid-Morning, Afternoon, PM Drivetime, Evening & Overnights
  • Days of week indices
  • Weekly reach the number of people who tune in to a radio station within at least 1 quarter hour period during a week

VOD Advertising

Video On Demand advertising or BVOD (Broadcaster Video on Demand) advertising is aired through on demand services that are made available by TV broadcasters such as Sky on Demand, ITV Hub, All4 and My5.

Adverts are shown on smart TVs, PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Mobiles.

  • 80% of homes have a TV connected to the internet
  • Every week 17m people watch BVOD
  • Among 16 34s, BVOD accounts for 20% of their TV viewing
  • 76% of BVOD is viewed on the TV set

With regards to VOD planning & buying, it is based on impressions and cost per 000. You can plan based on some of the following criteria:

  • Audiences Men, Women, HPCH
  • Locations TV regions down to postcode targeting
  • Demographic Socio, age ABC1 16 34
  • Interests
  • Customer Data
  • Genres Home & lifestyle, entertainment
  • Attributes Home ownership, second mortgages

Currently the main commercial broadcast supplier have the following registered users:

  • ITV has 30 million registered users
  • C4 has 23 million registered users
  • Sky currently has 8.38 million customers

VOD advertising can be extremely targeted so is ideal for local advertisers. With a relatively low cost per thousand, it is very cost effective. In late 2022 ITV are launching a new streaming platform called ITVX which will replace ITVHub, this new streaming platform with live and archive programmes will lead to future development and growth in advertising options.

Creative & Design

Whilst TV is a great advertising platform, brands often underestimate the creative assets and time scales required to get copy approved to go on air. At JWE Media we have preferred suppliers for both creation and approval of TV assets. The governing body for most broadcasters is Clearcast, they must approve copy before its able to go live which can take as long as 6 months however usually 4 weeks is enough time.

We can work with suppliers and partners to speed up the entire process and get you on air with less hassle and manage the whole process.

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