Outdoor Advertising (Out of Home OOH)

Out Of Home advertising comes in many forms but as a media channel it is a highly impactful, somewhat unavoidable form of advertising and enjoys high levels of audience engagement. It reaches people where they live, work, and relax.OOH formats can also be found in several locations, including service stations, supermarkets, shopping malls, pubs & cinemas, airports & petrol forecourts.

When planning OOH, we consider many variables. These can include:

  • Location
  • Audience, behaviours & mindsets
  • Competitor targeting
  • Time of day Dayparts (AM Commute, Consumer, PM Commute)
  • Temperature
  • Gender
  • Weather
  • Vehicle recognition (specific sites)

We buy DOOH (Digital on a share or voice, share of time or impression buy. Studies carried out have shown that when OOH messages are contextually relevant, ad recall increases by 17% and the sales effect sees a 16% uplift.


  • Traditional/Digital billboard roadside advertising
  • 6 sheet (busshelterorroadside) – Digital & Classic (paper& paste)
  • 48 sheet – Digital & Classic (paper& paste)
  • 96 sheet – Digital & Classic (paper& paste)
  • Large Format Digital
  • Banners
  • Special Builds
  • AdVans – Digital / Classic &Adbikes

Bus Advertising

Bus advertising is a high reaching outdoor advertising format seen by passengers, drivers and pedestrians and can be found in city centre to rural locations. Traditionally accessing areas which are high in footfall, particularly in city centres. Buses go where people go.

  • Bus advertising reaches over 48m adults over a 2-week period. period.
  • They are great at targeting an ABC1 16 34 light TV viewer.
  • London is particularly strong for public transport advertising.

Bus advertising is a versatile media with its selection of formats.This helps it to fit into most budgets.

  • Rear Panels
  • T Sides
  • Mega Rears Single & Double
  • Full Wraps
  • Headliners
  • Streetliners
  • Mega Sides

These can be bought on 2 weeks intervals but traditionally run for a 4-week period.

Bus advertising can be bought by depot coverage but not individual routes.

Trains, Trams Train Stations

Train & tram advertising is a great way of reaching both a commuter and leisure audience. Advertising in these locations is ‘always on’ and impossible to ignore and with increased dwell time at the train or tram stations, it provides a unique opportunity for deeper engagement within these group. It also enables a national and local audience coverage.

There are a variety of opportunities for advertising in this environment. These include:

  • Internal train advertising – Passenger Panels
  • Station billboards 4, 6 & 48 sheets & large format digital (Transvision screens)
  • London underground advertising 4, 6 & 12 Tube Car panels, cross track 16 & 48 sheets, Lifts & Escalator panels (static and digital) & Landmarks


Taxi advertising is great at achieving a city centre reach. It works very well alongside Roadside OOH on a mixed media campaign. Route data shows they are seen by people with city centre lifestyles and go to high footfall areas. With some taxis, GPS data can be supplied to show campaign reach.

Media costs for taxi advertising can be quite cost effective. These can be bought by month and the longer the term, the better opportunity to negotiate on rates.

The below are the formats available:

  • Full Taxi Livery
  • Superside
  • Tip Seats
  • Receipts
  • Rear Windows

Phone Kiosks

The numbers of these are declining and in London particularly, they are being replaced with newer digital in link sites, but the classic kiosks still exist in busy cities & towns UK wide.

They are also prevalent in rural areas so a kiosk campaign can achieve good local reach. The creative element can make them quite impactful, and they are a relatively cost-effective media.

Lamppost Banners

Lamppost banners allow clients to engage in impactful advertising. These sites are usually located around major event venues and along main arterial routes. They can be used with different creative elements or the same creative, which translates to a huge impact when in the surrounding area. These can be bought on long & short-term agreements.

Roundabout Advertising

Roundabout sites are usually bought on a minimum 12-month contract and are available throughout the country. Some are available to book through a network other are available through the individual councils for different locations.

Each site usually consists of 3 or 4 signs facing the roads approaching the roundabouts.

Petrol Pump Nozzles

Petrol pump nozzles can be accessed across roadside forecourts, supermarket sites and the motorway network. They are an excellent way to target motorists of all kinds, white van men, truck drivers, shoppers, and business users.

You can buy a mixed campaign including sites across all forecourts or look specifically at one environment or location. They are a good addition to an out of home plan based on proximity. Petrol nozzle campaigns are bought in 4 weeks increments.

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