The total UK Digital Ad spend for 2022 was £26.1 Billion, a boost of 11% on 2021 according to (Statista).

With digital advertising being an integral part of the media mix, we can be your digital advertising agency who deliver the most up to date information and experience when planning a digital campaign. In such a competitive market, all media needs to work in unison with each other.

All our programmatic digital buying is completed by a team who are experienced, to ensure the best targeted digital campaign delivery. They use various targeting methods including behavioural, contextual, or geographical, each bespoke to your campaign objectives.

All campaigns are fully optimised throughout, identifying the key channels, and moving budgets around to gain the most cost-effective campaigns.

The great part of digital advertising is that you can track the response, full campaign analysis reports are provided at the end of a campaign, highlighting all
elements of your digital journey.

Display Advertising

This includes placing ads in the form of images, videos, or interactive media on websites or apps.

Leverage the power of JWE Media for your upcoming digital display campaign, a partner that identifies the most relevant and impactful channels tailored for your target audience. From the widely embraced Native ads, attention-grabbing Pre-Roll Video, to the ubiquitous Banner ads in diverse sizes, we’ve got your needs covered. All our digital campaigns are bought on a CPM basis.

And the cherry on the cake? We’re a free service! Yes, you heard that right. We don’t charge a penny more than what the media owners quote. This transparency sets us apart from many digital ad agencies operating today. When you choose JWE Media, you’re opting for unrivalled efficiency, high-impact reach and unmatched cost transparency.

In addition to our cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, JWE Media bolsters your campaign with our network of internal and external creative professionals. These creative experts work tirelessly to breathe life into your campaign visuals, ensuring they not only shine but also achieve the ambitious goals set at the outset of your campaign.

Social Media Advertising

We amplify your brand’s voice across the heavy-hitting social media platforms of today – be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. This isn’t just about posting on social media; it’s about carving out a resonant and influential space for your product or service in the minds of your audience.

JWE Media is also proud to introduce a ground-breaking, proprietary AI platform. This isn’t just another platform – it’s goal-oriented, not merely media-driven. We meticulously define campaign objectives before flipping the ‘live’ switch. And here’s the magic – our platform intelligently diverts your budget into the channels that deliver the most impressive results. In addition, all of our campaigns are run free of charge, so you only pay for the media booked!

Video Advertising 

Immerse your audience in the dynamic world of video advertising with JWE Media. Be it on high-traffic websites, engaging social media platforms, or popular streaming services like YouTube and Hulu, we ensure your brand story is told, and heard.

Working in collaboration with popular industry platforms such as DV360, we orchestrate highly effective YouTube campaigns customised to your needs. And with the global rise of Connected TV (CTV), we’ve got our fingers on the pulse in both the UK and EMEA. That means your core audience can be targeted seamlessly across a host of channels, no matter where they are.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic buying might seem like a complex term, with varied interpretations. But here at JWE Media, we simplify it for you. We regard programmatic buying as a powerful tool, capable of optimising display, native, social, and video inventory.

To serve you better, we tap into the strengths of a range of Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), including prominent names like Amazon and Stackadapt. Our choices aren’t arbitrary; they’re based on your specific industry vertical and KPIs. Recognising the unique strengths and weaknesses of each DSP, our impartial strategy ensures a perfect alignment with your performance indicators.

JWE Media can support companies of all sizes in launching successful programmatic campaigns. Our expert team combines in-depth market insights, advanced technologies, and bespoke strategies to deliver stellar results. We don’t merely execute your campaigns; we optimise, we iterate, and we refine to maximise your ROI.

Programmatic advertising might seem like a minefield, but with JWE Media, it becomes a walk in the park. Allow us to take your brand to new heights with programmatic buying strategies tailored to your unique business objectives.


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